Researchers and students at the DAI-Lab are given opportunities to solve real-life problems within a university environment, ensuring that they are well prepared for their future careers. For us, close collaboration with other research institutes as well as companies is just as important as working in an open and interactive environment in which one can discuss, find ideas, focus on solutions and make them happen. Next to our scientific efforts, teaching is an important part of the mission of the DAI-Lab. We constantly work on improving our course offerings, and hope that we can inspire more and more students with novel information and communication technologies. We provide state-of-the-art testbeds and infrastructures not only for our team but also for our lectures. This way we can guarantee a practice-oriented research and teaching, which is more relevant to the students by preparing them for their future professional life.

Competence Centers

The DAI Lab consists of six Competence Centers, each center applies its competences for the development and evaluation of Smart Services.

Application Centers

Today's society is confronted with challenges in a number of key areas such as health, energy, and transport. The application areas of the DAI-Labor are tailored to design and develop ICT-based solutions towards addressing those challenges. To this end, the expertise and experience of researchers from different competence centers are integrated to ensure the applicability and practical relevance of research outcomes with this interdicisplinary approach. Each of these application areas at the DAI-Labor provides a common platform that supports inderdisciplinary work, synergies among researchers, and high-quality research results.

Our Testbeds

State-of-the-art testbeds allow for validation and demonstration of these services in realistic scenarios. Close cooperation with industry partners ensures an approach that is both practical and solution oriented.