The Competence Center Agent Core Technologies (ACT) is performing research with respect to the development of scalable and decentralized autonomous systems based on the agent-paradigm. In doing so, one goal is to analyze the requirements for autonomous systems, ultimately leading to an overall architectural component model that can be utilized in different environments and scenarios. Furthermore, CC ACT is steadily researching on engineering methodologies, which are provided to the public via several tools integrated in a multi-agent framework, JIAC.

At its core, CC ACT engages in research in Agent-oriented software engineering (AOSE), architectural models for autonomous systems and multi-agent systems, and the definition of concepts and integration approaches for proactive and autonomous behaviour, such as planning, seamless interoperability, prediction, and explainability.

The tools and frameworks that are developed in that course are used and continually evaluated and improved by CC ACT, in cooperation with other CCs of DAI-Labor and partners from industry and research, in a number of projects in the fields of energy economy, electro-mobility, production, autonomous driving and others.

Latest Publications