eHealth Testbed


In our testbed we develop, test and present our networked and digitalized solutions in the field of health. Right from the start, our testbed includes a section for health. Our focus is to promote health, develop preventive measures, offer apps and optimize the process of care and data management. In our testbed we can display information from data from the habitat directly on the dashboard. With the help of sensors, action sequences can be tracked and information can be presented to caregivers and physicians as needed. Administrative tasks are digitalized here. Devices are networked and can be controlled. Networking of the environment, be it at home, in a hospital or in a building, is developed and tested in our testbed. Especially that information in the form of data is collected, intelligently exchanged and forwarded. Here information about air quality, temperature and energy consumption in the room is collected, partly also via textiles equipped with sensors. To motivate movement, we have a SmartBike, which allows a virtual ride through any city or offers a virtual race with other people. Everyone can do sports and network within their own four walls. For more than a decade now, we at the DAI-Labor have been working for the health of our society and have projected our research results into a real environment.

SmartBike in our Testbed © DAI-Labor


The eHealth testbed provides a number of different technologies for evaluation.  Apart from technologies used for personal health devices (like bluetooth low energy and Ant+), technologies from the networked home domain are available. Off-the shelf devices are combined with a number of prototypes like a custom developed steering unit für stationary bicycle training and an environment for playful 3D-realtime physical training services.