The increasing degree of digitization of all areas of life requires new approaches to cyber security. The aim of CC Security is to develop AI-based security solutions that help qualified IT specialists, managers and private users to defend themselves against attackers, in particular against opponents who are target-oriented, have very good skills and extensive resources. Our solutions help either through decision support or through autonomous responses to new threats. Our collaborative security solutions address both prevention, detection and response to threats and incidents, including data privacy. In addition, the solutions we develop seek to integrate with existing IT environments by supporting standards and common security and network management solutions. For research, development and teaching the CC SEC uses the Autonomous Cybersecurity Testbed at the DAI-Labor. In our research, we also have a strong focus on sound approaches to cybersecurity experiments.

CC Security’s research and development activities are focused on different application domains, ranging from private environments to smart home environments, corporate and public networks, and critical information infrastructures. AC Cyber & Public Security focuses on the provision of concrete solutions for application domains using the research results of CC Security.

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