Micro Smart Grid EUREF

In the showcase project “Micro Smart Grid EUREF” an interaction between energy production, storage and distribution in a CO2 neutral district is researched. This smart grid is completely powered by renewable energy sources; the cars in this ecological area for living, research and development should drive electric only.

Main goal of the project is, to develop the micro smart grid to a multidimensional research and proving network and to push its further advancement.

Furthermore, the flexible mobility in cities should be guaranteed through multimodal traffic concepts. Besides, a diversity and distribution of electrical power supply should be analyzed, to connect different energy grids for electricity, heat and gas
over most diverse interfaces to a hybrid energy network.

The DAI-Labor takes the conception of an advanced smart grid involving electro mobility. The conceptual attendance happens on already completed and current research projects, as for example “Berlin elektromobil 2.0”.

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Micro Smart Grid EUREF
03/01/2013 ⇢ 06/30/2016
Contact person:
Marcus Voß
E-Mobility, Electro Mobility
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