Health 5G

eHealth solutions for home, hospital and emergency with 5G network

The Health5G project funded by the german Federal Ministry of Education and Research is part of the European research initiative Celtic-Plus and thus represents the German consortium of a European-wide umbrella project.

DAI Labor, as Project Coordinator for the Health5G project, has set itself the goal of using the vast innovations in the architecture of 5G mobile networks to explore novel eHealth services that can form the backbone of the future personalized healthcare. In this regard novel use cases of eHealth will be identified, which leverage the new capabilities of 5G. Selected effective and industry-oriented use cases for eHealth solutions are being investigated in real environments. Three pilot and test systems will be developed and built for the Health @ Home, Hospital and Emergency areas.

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Health 5G
04/01/2019 ⇢ 03/31/2022
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Sebastian Peters
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