AuVeGoS - Autonome Analyse und Verifikation verteilter E-Government-Systeme

Continuous network monitoring and autonomous vulnerability assessment

The project “AuVeGoS” developes a framework for autonomous analysis and verification of e-government systems, to ensure security, availability and service quality. For this purpose, e-government service architectures are analyzed for vulnerabilities and measures for improvement of the security configuration are implemented. An instrument for this will be the connection to a simulation environment that will be integrated into the process of decision making. The AuVeGoS framework is composed of:

  • Components for extraction of security-relevant Information from standardized public vulnerability databases
  • Components for distributed data analysis of the extracted information and creation of attack graphs
  • Components for simulation-based evaluation of possible mitigation strategies
  • A decision support system component
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AuVeGoS - Autonome Analyse und Verifikation verteilter E-Government-Systeme
06/01/2013 ⇢ 07/31/2016
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Karsten Bsufka
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