Tobias Küster

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Küster
Office: TEL 1416


Tobias Küster has obtained his diploma in computer science in 2007 at TU Berlin, and his doctoral degree in 2017. His main research topic is the integration of business process models into multi-agent system engineering and in particular the application of BPMN for modelling and generating JIAC agent behaviours. His current focus lies in the integration of semantic planning into agent-based processes. He has also worked in a number of research projects concerning the application of evolutionary algorithms for optimization of industrial processes and particularly charging schedules w.r.t. renewable energy consumption.

Research fields

  • Modelling Multi-Agent Systems with Processes
  • Optimization of Production Processes
  • Semantic Planning in Multi-Agent Systems


  • Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
  • Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Business Process Modelling