Neue Berliner Luft

Electric mobility for Berlin without unnecessary network expansion

Saubere Luft – Better air in Berlin through e-mobility

The program „Sofortprogramm Saubere Luft 2017-2020“ was initiated by the German government for the 90 communities with the worst NOx-emission measurements, to fund projects with the aim to extend e-mobility and achieve a cleaner air. In Berlin, we want to roll out 1.000 lamp post charge points and 600 charge points in real estates to better promote e-mobility in Berlin.

Data-driven concurrency models for charge point planning

With the expected increase in e-mobility users, grid operators worry about the uncertain changes of the customer behavior and the resulting impacts on the grids. Our preliminary studies have shown that static concurrency factors, as they are common for household customers, are not suitable to model expected peak load behavior accurately, as charging infrastructure has generally a higher nominal power. To model the behavior more accurately we develop stochastic models of the electric vehicle charging behavior based on analyses of the collected data with the aim of providing grid and parking infrastructure planners new intelligent methods and tools for better planning and control of the charging infrastructure.

Get one of 700 smart charging cables – free of charge

As part of the project, 500 lanterns will now be converted into charging points as a first step. A special charging cable, the so-called SmartCable, is then required to be able to charge. From now on you can apply for one of the cables. If your application is positive, you will receive one of the cables free of charge when the first charge points are set up, and you sign a mobile power contract with an energy provider of your choice. You can then charge at lanterns, retrofitted within the project using these conditions. Quite simple and inexpensive. Further information can be found under:

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Neue Berliner Luft
10/19/2018 ⇢ 12/31/2023
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Izgh Hadachi
Electro Mobility, E-Mobility, Smart Energy Systems
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