Kompetenzzentrum Pflege 4.0

Digital solutions to support care

The project pursues the goal of establishing a competence center for care 4.0 together with an independent non-profit organization with special nursing expertise. This competence center connects the relevant actors in the context of digitization and care and shows how digital solutions can support care, especially care at home

The following questions will be addressed within the framework of the project:

  • Which technical assistance systems, especially in the home environment, can actually improve the quality of life of people in need of care and relieve the burden on caregiving relatives?
  • Which measures help to disseminate information on assistance systems and ensure that it reaches those affected?
  • What ethical, financial and legal framework conditions need to be clarified?

The DAI-Labor pursues the following sub-goals:

  • Establishment and coordination of an expert committee to develop quality criteria and recommendations for digital support solutions in the home environment
  • Development of a virtual model apartment which is a configurable, virtual apartment equipped with the selected digital assistant and can be viewed via web (3D) and VR
  • Enabling technician life in the DAI Laboratory showroom and at selected events
  • Public relations work for the dissemination of the results
Project Acronym:
Pflege 4.0
Project Title:
Kompetenzzentrum Pflege 4.0
04/01/2020 ⇢ 12/31/2020
Competence Centers: