Erweiterte und adaptive Elektromobilitätsdienste

A project in the context of Initiative der Bundesregierung: Schaufenster ElektromobilitätRegion Berlin-Brandenburg

The main goal of the project “EMD – extended and adaptive electro mobility services” is to push the crosslinking of applications and data for novel services in the electro mobility ecosystem. For this, IT-services, business processes and tools are being created, which lay the foundations for the development of novel, value-added services in an efficient manner.

More precise, the combination of electro mobility offers shall lead to a seamless commercial and private usage of an intermodal, e-mobility ecosystem by the help of ICT. At the same time the effort for developers in creating services for a new generation of electro mobility services, which are characterized by domain-spanning (energy, electro mobility, traffic) semantics, context-adaptivity, personalzsation and real-time capabilities, shall be reduced.

The project can be divided into three phases:

1. Phase: Requirements Analysis

In the first project phase the requirements of service users and providers are being determined by surveys among the project partners of the international showcase for electric mobility in Berlin/Brandenburg. The spectrum ranges from learning platforms and databases to billing services and fleet management or integrated charging and energy management for e-mobility parking spots.

2. Phase: How can value-added services be efficiently developed?

In the second project phase description models and development tools are designed and implemented considering the interfaces of the showcase project “Open Mobility Berlin” F1.

3. Phase: Test and assignment of extended mobility services

In this stage the services are being tested and optimized in an application environment. Furthermore, by analyzing the stakeholders of the e-mobility ecosystem the results and the implementation of the services shall be improved.

Project Acronym:
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Erweiterte und adaptive Elektromobilitätsdienste
06/01/2013 ⇢ 06/30/2016
Contact person:
Nils Masuch
Electro Mobility, E-Mobility
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