EMoT - Nationales Testzentrum für Elektromobilität

The rollout of the charging infrastructure is accompanied by problems with the reliability and interoperability of the charging infrastructure. To enable manufacturers and operators of charging infrastructure, manufacturers of vehicles, and other players in the charging infrastructure environment to test their products and services for interoperability and conformity with standards, the “National Electromobility Test Center (EMoT)” project, will establish a central system for monitoring and increasing the quality of charging processes for electric vehicles.

The EMoT project is intended to show which measures can be taken to comply with current and future standards in order to reduce the complexity and ensure the investment security of established solutions by guaranteeing downward compatibility. During the project, a test center will be provided where companies and research institutes can test and also contribute to improving current and new products and services with hands-on compatibility and integration tests.

During the project, open-source toolkits will be developed that demonstrate best practice implementations of the essential access and communication elements for charging processes. Secondly, an intelligent charging control system will be developed to enable external control of charging stations operations at the test center by an energy management system. During the project, the impact of the control system on downstream processes will be investigated in order to lay the foundations for further use cases, standards and also interoperability and compatibility tests in the field of power-grid aware charging.

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EMoT - Nationales Testzentrum für Elektromobilität
01/01/2022 ⇢ 12/31/2024
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