Mapping BPMN to Agents: An Analysis


In industry the development of software applications is usually a complex and demanding task, and the design and the technical realisation is often spread among different roles, which leads to a time consuming and error-prone exchange of knowledge. In order to ensure the correct translation from business idea to implementation it is crucial to allow for the correct and complete exchange of information between these roles. In this paper, we describe an automated mapping from business process diagrams to agent concepts that simplify the transfer of knowledge between the roles involved in the software development process. Our approach benefits from building upon an intuitive visual specification language on the one hand, and from using a powerful and flexible execution platform on the other.

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Holger Endert, Tobias Küster, Benjamin Hirsch, Sahin Albayrak
First international Workshop on Agents, Web-Services, and Ontologies Integrated Methodologies (AWESOME'007)