Development of a Visual Service Design Tool providing a mapping from BPMN to JIAC


Although they have been topic to academic research for several years and although they are often seen as the next step towards truly reusable and modular programs, multi-agent systems are still underrepresented in the industry. At the same time web-services and service oriented architectures are adopted much faster in the same domain. A possible reason for this can be found in the lack of easy-to-use tools for the model driven creation of multi-agent systems. In this thesis a tool for the model driven development of programs for the multi-agent system JIAC will be presented. For this purpose a mapping from business process diagrams based on the Business Process Modeling Notation to JIAC IV has been developed. Based on the Eclipse framework a visual editor for the creation of BPMN diagrams has been implemented. Diagrams created with this editor can be validated and translated to executable JIAC programs using a rule based transformation tool.

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Diplomarbeit, DAI-Labor, Technische Universität Berlin