A Context-Aware Mobile Accessible Electric Vehicle Management System


In the coming years, the German traffic situation will undergo a challenging addition. Major car manufacturers have scheduled the year 2013 as cutoff for electric mobility. Yet, current studies indicate that range limitations and insufficient charging infrastructure endanger the acceptance for electric vehicles (EV). This is regrettable, and not only for the producer, but also for less obvious parties such as local energy providers which consider electric vehicles as remedy to one of their most severe problems of managing the grid load balance. In this paper we introduce a mobile accessible EV management system which accounts for the mobility of the user and also integrates web-based (commercial) services of third parties. Our objective is to counter the limitations of electric mobility and also to facilitate all of its (business) perspectives. We want to render electric mobility a success and support its trendsetting character.

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Nils Masuch, Marco Lützenberger, Sebastian Ahrndt, Axel Heßler, Sahin Albayrak
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