Smart Space

“Smart Space” describes environments that allow services and solutions to be seamlessly accessed and interacted with across the boundaries of areas of life. The basis for this is laid by the increasing penetration of digitalization into different areas of life, such as living, working, travel, hospitals or public administration. All areas will therefore be equipped with similar basic infrastructure, sensor and actuator technology, which will allow to offer different solutions. These include sustainability (resource and energy consumption), protection (fire, burglary), healthier living (air quality, light) and comfort (temperature). In the future, we will experience similar solutions in all areas of life, which are also networked with each other and together create added value for their users.

There are already many affordable devices and solutions for both new and existing buildings. The current trend to incorporate a variety of different sensors into everyday devices allows seamless integration as well as a comprehensive coverage of the respective areas of life. In the future, not only will devices be equipped with more sensor technology and intelligent services, but furniture, textiles and other previously analog objects will be increasingly digitized. Speech assistants will perceive the real world with all human senses and offer users an all-encompassing user experience at home, in the office and on the road.

We show solutions for Smart Spaces in the Ambient Assisted Living Testbed and via our spin-off IOLITE GmbH