Communication Solutions for eHealth

5G, the emerging mobile standard, paves the way for novel health technologies that harness the many benefits of the new standard. The increased bandwidth for raw, uncompressed data transmission, as well as the targeted low latencies, allow developers to develop new eHealth solutions and deliver better products to patients.

5G enables future eHealth applications – we do the research on them.

5G enables radically new use cases for a modern, future-oriented healthcare, which are developed at the DAI Laboratory in close collaboration with medical professionals and end users. Selected application scenarios provide a common foundation for developing new eHealth applications that take advantage of the new capabilities of 5G mobile networks to develop innovative and competitive applications and services in the healthcare and medical sectors. The focus of the DAI Laboratory is on the use and development of innovative and programmable network technologies for demanding eHealth applications, as well as the implementation of a platform and service demonstrator for a preventive health service using these networking technologies.