Users’ Reading Habits in Online News Portals


The aim of this study is to survey reading habits of users of an online news portal. The assumption motivating this study is that insight into the reading habits of users can be helpful to design better news recommendation systems. We estimated the transition probabilities that users who read an article of one news category will move to read an article of another (not necessarily distinct) news category. For this, we analyzed the users' click behavior within plista data set. Key findings are the popularity of category local, loyalty of readers to the same category, observing similar results when addressing enforced click streams, and the case that click behavior is highly influenced by the news category.

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Cagdas Esiyok, Benjamin Kille, Brijnesh Jain, Frank Hopfgartner, Sahin Albayrak
Conference Paper
Proceedings of the Information Interaction in Context Conference (IIiX'14)