User utility function as Quality of Experience (QoE)


The realization of a user-centric paradigm will revolutionize future wireless networks. For this innovative concept to materialize, a paradigm shift is required from a long-term contractual based service delivery to a short-term contractual and dynamic service delivery concept. However this necessitates that translation of user satisfaction into network technical indices, commonly termed as Quality of Experience (QoE). In this paper we propose the user utility function to capture her satisfaction for different services. We validate the proposed utility function by extensively carrying out the simulations for VoIP, video streaming and FTP applications using OPNET simulator. We also suggest three different types of users on the basis of user preference.

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Manzoor Ahmed Khan, Umar Toseef
Conference Paper
10th International Conference on Networks, ICN 2011, St. Maarten, the Netherlands Antilles, USA.