User Modeling for the Social Semantic Web


How can we make use of the personal information a single user is spreading all over the Social Web every day? In this paper we investigate what is needed from a user model point of view to support user data sharing and aggregation to enhance personalization and rec- ommendation services. We present a study of 17 social applications to define requirements and attributes for a common user model that allows sharing of user data and analyze what is needed to enhance user model aggregation approaches. As a result, we present a comprehensive user model especially fitted to the needs of the Social Web. Furthermore, we present a WordNet for the user modeling domain as part of the user model to support user model aggregation.

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Till Plumbaum, Songxuan Wu, Ernesto William De Luca, Sahin Albayrak
Conference Paper
2nd Workshop on Semantic Personalized Information Management: Retrieval and Recommendation, in conjunction with ISWC 2011