Ubiquitous User Interfaces: Multimodal Adaptive Interaction for Smart Environments


The widespread use of computing technology raises the need for interactive systems that adapt to user, device and environment. Multimodal user interfaces provide the means to support the user in various situations and to adapt the interaction to the user’s needs. In this chapter we present a system utilizing design-time user interface models at runtime to provide flexible multimodal user interfaces. The server-based system allows the combination and integration of multiple devices to support multimodal interaction and the adaptation of the user interface to the used devices, the user and the environment. The utilization of the user interface models at runtime allows exploiting the design information for advanced adaptation possibilities. An implementation of the system has been successfully deployed in a smart home environment throughout the Service Centric Home project (www.sercho.de).

Marco Blumendorf, Grzegorz Lehmann, Dirk Roscher, Sahin Albayrak
Book Contribution
Central Connecticut State University, USA