Towards a Decentralized QoE Layer for the Mobile Internet


Network selection on current mobile devices has to be done manually by the user and is furthermore strongly dominated by monopolistic telecom operators. A decentralized Quality of Experience (QoE) layer supported by a QoE knowledge base filled with automatically and user created QoE reports will offer a basis for user-centric and optimized network selection for users in the Future Internet. An automated handover from one networking interface to another can then be performed by a mobile or portable device automatically. This papers focuses on how a decentralized QoE layer for the mobile Internet can be achieved by describing how a QoE model is defined and QoE reports are gathered, shared and distributed. The content of this paper is based upon the results of the PERIMETER project. PERIMETER’s main objective is to establish a new paradigm for user-centricity in advanced networking architectures. The PERIMETER middleware is briefly explained and testing methodologies for involving the user in the process of creating a user-centric QoE based mobile Internet are presented.

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Martin Dobler, Jens Schumacher, Fikret Sivrikaya, Sebastian Peters, Eileen Dillon, Gemma Power
Conference Paper
Proceedings of InfoWare 2011 - The Third International Conference on Evolving Internet (INTERNET 2011)