Semantic Service Manager -– Enabling Semantic Web Technologies in Multi-Agent Systems


Computer systems are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Many of today’s application areas do not fit for monolithic approaches, but for distributed intelligent systems. The multi-agent paradigm is an appropriate and therefore popular approach for building these systems. To interpret messages and provided services the agents need a common ontology. Solutions to integrate standards like OWL-S allowing for using semantic web services into agent frameworks have already been presented in recent years. However, they mostly focus on service matchmaking, neglecting the design process. As a result, semantic web services are not used in actual agent frameworks. In this paper, we introduce the Semantic Service Manager, a tool that enables for implementing semantic web services in the multi-agent framework JIAC V and therefore enables the dynamic integration of new services into complex systems.

Nils Masuch, Christian Kuster, Sahin Albayrak
Conference Paper
Proceedings of the Joint Workshops on Semantic Web and Big Data Technologies, INFORMATIK 2014, Stuttgart, Germany, 2014