QoE Testbed Infrastructure and Services: Enriching the End User’s Experience


Quality of Experience (QoE) is the subjective judgment of the satisfaction an end user perceives from an application running over a given network topology and configuration. The information provided by end users regarding their QoE preferences, experience and feedback is invaluable in providing a service that meets with their mobile activity needs within various access networks. The PERIMETER project progresses the QoE thematic research area by taking end userrelated QoE factors for end user-centric mobility experimentation, thus empowering them to always have a service in which their QoE is high. This paper will detail the components of the PERIMETER framework and the user centric scenario based process adopted to implement and develop such a framework. This paper provides an insight into the federated testbed infrastructure, testing methodology and tools, operating system and applications used in the project, thus demonstrating PERIMETER’s innovative advances within the QoE end user domain.

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Ahmet Cihat Toker, Thomas Kaschwig, Frances Cleary Grant, Eileen Dillon, Gemma Power, Christian Hämmerle
Conference Paper
Tridentcom 2010