Potential Coverage and Capacity of Multi-cell Wireless LANs


In this publication we analyze the coverage and capacity that can be expected in a multi-cell WLAN network in urban areas. The analysis involves both co-channel interference (CCI) and adjacent channel interference (ACI) which we also analyze in a practical scenario within a separate section, in addition to the Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) mechanism in the receivers. It is a well know fact that the throughput of WLANs is considerable lower than the data rate modes that may be up to 54 Mbps. The combined effect of CCI, ACI and the CCA mechanism on the coverage and capacity in multi-cell networks is much less explored and quantified. Comparing with the mono-cell case, the analysis in this paper indicates that using only one frequency channel and having continuous multi-cell coverage, the throughput per area is reduced significantly. Using multiple frequency channels, the ACI will prevent full exploitation of the extra frequency resources.

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Jan Erik Håkegård, Mouslim El-Kotob
Conference Paper
Broadband Europe Geneva, Switzerland 11-14 December 2006