Efficient Index Structures for Video Databases


Content-based retrieval of multimedia data has been still an active research area. The efficient retrieval of video data is proven a difficult task for content-based video retrieval systems. In this thesis study, a Content-Based Video Retrieval (CBVR) system that adapts two different index structures, namely Slim-Tree and BitMatrix, for efficiently retrieving videos based on low-level features such as color, texture, shape and motion is presented. The system represents low-level features of video data with MPEG-7 Descriptors extracted from video shots by using MPEG-7 reference software and stored in a native XML database. The low-level descriptors used in the study are Color Layout (CL), Dominant Color (DC), Edge Histogram (EH), Region Shape (RS) and Motion Activity (MA). Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) operator in Slim-Tree and BitMatrix aggregates these features to find final similarity between any two objects. The system supports three different types of queries: exact match queries, k-NN queries and range queries. The experiments included in this study are in terms of index construction, index update, query response time and retrieval efficiency using ANMRR performance metric and precision/recall scores. The experimental results show that using BitMatrix along with Ordered Weighted Averaging method is superior in content-based video retrieval systems.

  title={Efficient Index Structures for Video Databases},
  author={Acar, Esra},
  school={Middle East Technical University}
Esra Acar Celik
Master Thesis
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey