Autonomic Load Balancing In The Future Disintegrated And Virtualized Networks


With the emergence of the concepts like virtualization and cloud computing, the solutions based on disintegration and virtualization of network resources have also gained immense attention in the research community. These solutions focus on a dynamic and fine-grained network management. In this paper, we investigate the autonomic network management (specifically in congested resource scenarios) in fully virtualized and disintegrated network paradigm. We model the problem of congestion avoidance using cooperative game-theoretic approach. We also extensively implement the validation framework and deploy the proposed algorithm on the developed validation platform. We observe that the proposed algorithm autonomically balances the load and reflects gain in terms of resource utilization.

Manzoor Ahmed Khan, Vincent Foix-Cablé, Liu Yalin, Zoran Despotovic
Conference Paper
Proceedings of SONET, IEEE WCNC 2014.