A Survey on Simulation of Power Systems Resilience Under Extreme Weather Events


Resilience is one of the topics undergoing intense studies in the field of power grid modernization. This study focuses on gathering the latest ongoing work in the field of Power Grid Resilience with a focus on resilience under extreme weather events. Therefore, a set of papers have been collected which were published in specific venues for the last 4 years. Then, the study included only papers that satisfied specific keywords such as Resilience, Restoration of the Power Grid, Resilience Metrics, Simulation Paradigms for power grids interdependencies, and power grid resilience against Weather Events. The aim of the survey is to depict the research done on the power systems resilience and if co-simulation is the key to analyze and manage interdependencies. The Survey resulted in answering questions related to the set of techniques applied in the four phases of resilience, the resilience metrics and co-simulation of interdependencies for power systems resilience.

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Conference Paper
13th IEEE PES PowerTech 2019