A Simulation Framework for Smart Meter Security Evaluation


The evolution of classic power grids to smart grids creates chances for most participants in the energy sector. Customers can save money by reducing energy consumption, energy providers can better predict energy demand and environment benefits since lower energy consumption implies lower energy production including a decrease of emissions from plants. But information and communication systems supporting smart grids can also be subject to classical or new network attacks. Attacks can result in serious damage such as harming privacy of customers, creating economical loss and even disturb the power supply/demand balance of large regions and countries. In this paper, we give an overview about the German smart measuring architecture, protocols and security. Afterwards, we present a simulation framework which enables researchers to analyze security aspects of smart measuring scenarios.

Joel Chinnow, Karsten Bsufka, Aubrey-Derrick Schmidt, Rainer Bye, Seyit Ahmet Camtepe, Sahin Albayrak
Conference Paper
IEEE International Conference on Smart Measurements for Future Grids, SMFG