A Power Demand Estimator for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure


The expected increase in electric vehicle penetration of the market presents new issues for distribution system operators (DSOs). In order to ensure a stable, continuous and smooth integration of electric vehicles (EVs) into networks, DSOs must plan for the expected increase in demand. Concurrency of charging is an essential factor in planning for EV infrastructure, as it estimates the energy demand of a given number of charging points at a given node. This paper proposes a novel method for estimating charging concurrency. The presented approach is based on popular times, waiting times and the duration of visits for a given location, which can be automatically extracted Google popularity times. Based on a calculation of the concurrency factor for a single or multiple charging point(s), a corresponding load profile can be generated. The profile can be further integrated into the network model to investigate the impact of the charging infrastructure on network load flow and power quality. The results demonstrate the suitability of the method to assist DSOs in the pre-massive and massive integration of EVs.

Conference Paper
IEEE PES PowerTech Conference