A Mobile 3D User Interface for Interaction with Ambient Audio Visual Environments


This paper describes concepts, design, implementation, and performance evaluation of a 3D-based user interface for accessing Ambient Intelligence Environments (AmIE). The generic interaction model of the described work addresses some major challenges of Human-Environment-Interaction such as cognitive overload and manual device selection, loss of user control, missing system image or over-automation. 3D visualization and 3D UI, acting as the central feature of the system, create a logical link between physical devices and their virtual representation on the user's PDA or other mobile devices. By doing so, the user can easily identify a device within the environment based on its position, orientation, and form, and access the identified devices through the 3D interface for direct manipulation within the scene.

Ali Asghar Nazari Shirehjini, Shervin Shirmohammadi
Conference Paper
IEEE HAVE, Lecco, Italy