A Driver’s Mind – Psychology runs Simulation


Over the last decade, traffic simulation frameworks advanced into an indispensible tool for traffic planning and infrastructure management. For these simulations, sophisticated models are used to "mimic" traffic systems in a lifelike fashion. In most cases, these models focus on a rather technical scope. Human factors, such as the drivers’ behaviour are either neglected or ‘estimated’ without any proven connection to reality. This chapter presents an analysis of psychological driver models in order to establish such connection. In order to do so human driver behaviour is introduced from a psychological point of view and state-of- the-art conceptualisations are analysed to identify factors that determine human traffic behaviour. These factors are explained in more detail and their appliances in human behaviour models for traffic simulations are discussed. This chapter does not provide a comprehensive mapping from simulation requirements to particular characteristics of human driver behaviour but clarifies the assembly of human traffic behaviour, identifies relevant factors of influence and thus serves as a guideline for the development of human behaviour models for traffic simulations.

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Marco Lützenberger, Sahin Albayrak
Book Contribution
Davy Janssens, Ansar-Ul-Haque Yasar, and Luk Knapen (eds.) Data Science and Simulation in Transport Research, pp. 182-205. IGI Global