3DSim: rapid prototyping ambient intelligence


The present paper introduces 3DSim, a tool for rapid prototyping Ambient Intelligence. A major feature of this work is the use of a 3D-based virtual environment to represent an intelligent meeting space allowing for prototyping AmI applications. 3DSim simulates a number of components such as lights, blinds, SMART Boards™ large display walls, projectors, aware chairs, and as well 3DSim animates human activities. As a result of using standardized interfaces, any UPnP control point may be used to invoke actions on virtual, UPnP devices. Such devices are dynamically inserted to the environment and can be removed at run-time. Data delivered by sensors are interpreted by an environment monitoring component that routes higher-level atomic context information to virtual objects. As a result of invoking actions on devices and based on gathered context information, resulting state changes (e.g., switching light states) can be visualized within the scene.

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Ali Asghar Nazari Shirehjini, Felix Klar
Conference Paper
ACM SoC-EUSAI '05, Grenoble, France