Elektrische Flotte für Berlin/Brandenburg

A project in the context of Initiative der Bundesregierung: Schaufenster ElektromobilitätRegion Berlin-Brandenburg

The vision of the consortium is an interoperable fleet, consisting of electric vehicles and bikes, that is comfortable, flexible and individual at a reasonable price. The project “Elektrische Flotten für Berlin-Brandenburg“ approaches this goal by developing and testing different configurations and combinations of electric fleets from the perspective of an independent mobility provider. The central question of the project is whether separated, parallel or integrated fleet products can be operated and offered to the user.

For the optimal interconnection of different fleet products a homogeneous interface towards the user is required. The main topic of DAI-Labor is to develop a concept for such a user interface and implement an application that supports the user in the calculation and navigation of an intermodal route including multiple fleets as well as other modalities.

The heterogeneity of the domain and different technical properties of mobile devices poses a special challenge to the development of a user interface. The user interface has to be optimally usable on all devices, in order to also offer support during the user’s mobility. Furthermore, the specific properties of car sharing fleets can have a big influence on the supporting services. For example, if the cars of a fleet are bound to a specific station the route calculation has to allow for the return of the car at its origin station. Especially, the integration of different electric vehicles requires an adaptive support.

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Elektrische Flotte für Berlin/Brandenburg
12/01/2012 ⇢ 11/30/2015
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Marcus Voß
E-Mobility, Electro Mobility
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