EIT Digital: Rapidly deployable networks

The project is an innovation activity of EIT Digital, which focuses to develop Rapidly Deployable Network solutions for man-made or natural disaster situations. It aims to provide a deployable wireless communications solution that is flexible and comprises automatic configuration and self-organising-networks. The end goal is to produce user-friendly services with minimum configuration needed, flexible interfaces to user equipment and connections to other systems such as public safety and tactical networks and even commercial mobile phone networks. The activity joins resources of top EIT Digital Partners from Germany, Finland, France, and Italy in a bid to support communities across Europe. The consortium comprises of Bittium (Finland), DAI-Labor (Germany), Green communications (France), and ST Microelectronics (Italy). 

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EIT Digital: Rapidly deployable networks
01/01/2017 ⇢ 12/31/2017
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Paul Zernicke
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