AUTOGRID - Robuste Datenkommunikation und IKT-Infrastrukturen

The integration of renewable energy producer into the power distribution networks implicate an increasing complexity and higher dynamic on the distribution network. A further challenge in converter dominated distribution networks is the distortion induced by power electronics components such as the Supra-Harmonic-Distortion (SHD). The AUTOGRID project, funded by the federal ministry for economic affairs and energy, aims at providing an intelligent automation for converter dominated distribution networks, using Digital Twins (DT), that enable a precise mapping of the system dynamics in timely high resolution, which in turn can provide a continuous online adaptation of the system parameters according to the given situational dynamics.

The representation (simulative and model-based) of the dynamic states in the distribution networks, as well as their automatic operation strongly depend on high-resolution measurement data at different nodes in the network. Herein lies the challenge in obtaining a timely combination and fusion of different data over different sources in the network. This requires exact time synchronization of the measured data over the different network locations. Furthermore, real time data transmission and processing are essential for the automatic operation of the network. To meet this requirement this project aims at developing a distributed measurement system, that allows a flexible acquisition and processing of measurement data over a variety of nodes in the network. This system accounts for the different constraints (bandwidth, connectivity, latency, and processing power) at the different data sources, while keeping the highest possible flexibility and extensibility.

Based on the use case analysis for the needed data acquisition (resolution, synchronization) and data transmission (real-time constraints), the requirements for the measurement system and its respective networking architecture are defined. Next, the use of different communication technologies for grid-critical service is examined. Also the application of new communication technologies and paradigms (5G-Mobile Broadband, and Software-Defined-Networks) for ensuring the necessary quality of service in real-time operation will be examined. The measurement framework for encapsulation and dynamic migration of the data processing functions is the main part of the measurement system to be developed, which includes the related management tools for evaluating and migrating these processing functions. The prototype will then be operated in the lab as well as within the test-site, where it will be validated and evaluated.

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AUTOGRID - Robuste Datenkommunikation und IKT-Infrastrukturen
11/01/2019 ⇢ 10/31/2022
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Thomas Geithner
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