Solutions for the connected living

DAI-Laboratory will present its Connected Living Technologies at the ConnFerence on 4th and 5th September in Berlin

Switching or dimming a lamp on or off with one finger move. Programming the hotplate, so it will heat dinner at 7pm, so that there will be no need to cook for hours after you got home from work. Switch on the ventilator without moving yourself, especially on hot summer days. Have your dryer run when electricity is least expensive. These are some of the visions and ideas of “Connected Living e.V.” (registered society). On the “Connected Living ConnFerence”, which takes place from 4th to 5th September at Hotel InterContinental in Berlin, the business partner of Connected Living e.V., the DAI-Labor of the Technische Universität Berlin, will present its technologies of home networking. The particular focus will be on “CLICK”.
The “Connected Living Innovation Component Kit” is a basic technology which consists of components and tools that are helpful for the comfortable home networking. As for instance the Connected Living-Advisor, the Home Control Center as well as the Rule Editor and the Connected Living-Store are part of “CLICK”.

Connected Living-Advisor

The Connected Living-Advisor supports the user in finding the most suitable solution connected living for her. The advisor starts with retrieving housing conditions (like size of the apartment, ownership structure, existing communication infrastructure and devices) and the personal expectations on a smart home. After that the extension modules comprise the subjects of Energy, Security, Health and Entertainment. Finally a summarization shows which Connected Living assistants- and hardware is needed for the setting.

Home Control Center

The Connected Living Home Control Center offers the user a central access to the interconnected  living environment. A clear user interface shows connected devices and provides possibilities for configuration as well as for controlling. Next to the connected devices one can find the installed Connected Living-Assistants, for example those for the light switch or ventilator regulation. The integrated rule editor allows easy automation. The consistent design and intuitive interaction concept arrange a simple and comfortable handling. Due the state of the art web technologies, the Home Control Center is accessible across several interaction devices throughout the home.

Rule Editor

The Connected Living Rule Editor enables graphic modeling of complex rules. These rules can react on specific conditions and situations within the home environment. A comfortable and flexible configuration of rules was an important goal while developing the tool. Coherences of complex rules are marked by colored accentuations for better comprehension.

Connected Living Store

The Connected Living store offers a central platform for provisioning of assistants and rules for the Home Control Center. Developers can upload their new applications from the Connected Living Software Development Kit to the Connected Living Store. Rules and assistants are downloaded automatically into the home when a user selects one for installation. The Connected Living Store supports different methods for organization of assistants, like categorization, users rating and structuring at the Connected Living Store. 
Connected Living e.V. got the official patronage of the “Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie” as well as the “Bundesministerium für Gesundheit” for the ConnFerence. At the event notable characters from industry, research and politics will discuss about the future of home networking. For example Dr. Vinton Cerf, one of the “fathers of the internet” and vice president as well as “Chief Internet Evangelist” of Google, Bum-Coo Cho, Senior Vice President of Mobile Communication of Samsung and Prof. Henning Kagermann, president of “Deutsche Akademie für Technikwissenschaften”, will give impulses for further development and integration of smart home technologies at the Connected Living ConnFerence.

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