Showcase: AI in mobility based on platform economy

The BeIntelli project was launched in January 2021. Led by the DAI-Labor, a consortium of 12 partner institutions addresses the creation of technological innovations for  everyday life. Here, the DAI-Labor addresses the research, development and testing of new ideas and AI-based approaches in the context of a holistic  approach to mobility, from autonomous and connected driving, to autonomous  public transport, to automated logistics solutions  for the last mile. To this end, a software stack based on  artificial intelligence, machine learning and distributed intelligence  is being developed, the AI Mobility Operating System.Test vehicles such as cars, vans, buses and delivery robots are being converted for autonomous driving and deployed on the test track.

The data from the intelligent infrastructure and the vehicles, the AI models and services are to be processed and made available here in such a way that they promote the establishment of new business models and ecosystems. To this end, appropriate events and competitions will be organized.

With this project, showcases will be realized that will allow people to experience AI for the mobility of the future, thus forcing social acceptance for new technologies.

Press release TU Berlin

BeIntelligent project