RoboCup World Championship 2013

The DAInamite team started with a great success on the 2nd day of the RoboCup World Championship. The event takes place in Eindhoven, Netherlands, from June 26 to 30.

The DAI-Lab team takes part in the category “Standard Platform League”, next to 22 other teams. Aim of this challenge is shooting as many goals as possible, on a 9m x 6m field, with 5 robots per team. These NAO-robots (see picture), developed by the french company Aldebaran Robotics, operate fully automatically via wireless communication. Thus, the robots communicate with each other and receive the decisions of the referee.
Ambition of the international initiative “RoboCup” is to support further development of intelligent robots by organizing events like the World Championship, the German Open etc. Especially research and interdisciplinary education are focused in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous mobile systems. This year, 2500 teams are registered at the World Championship in Eindhoven. Beside the challenges of “RoboCup Soccer”, there also exist competitions like “RoboCup Rescue” or “RoboCup@Home”.

This year, the DAInamite team is represented by the teamleader Martin Berger, Yuan Xu, Tuguldur Erdene-Ochir, Nadine Rohde and Lars Borchert.