RoboCup Championship in Brazil, João Pessoa

One week after the World Cup it´s Showtime – the RoboCup starts on July 19th 2014
For the second time DAI-Labor of TU Berlin participates in the “Standard Platform League” challenge within the scope of RoboCup World Championship. In this tournament each team tries to emerge victorious and score as many goals as possible (into the opponents goal) with five NAO-robots per team, build by the French manufacturer Aldebaran Robotics.
RoboCup 2014 is divided in five main categories, like RoboCup Soccer, RoboCup Rescue, RoboCup@Home, RoboCup Junior und RoboCup@Work Demo, and further sub categories. As the names hypothesize not all demonstrations are about soccer; as for example “RoboCup Rescue” is about competing robots in disaster operations, aiming to give assistance in dangerous situations in the future. In “RoboCup@Home” several robots need to complete different tests that are targeted on helping disabled and elderly people in their household in future as well.

This year RoboCup takes place for the first time in Brazil and thus in Latin-America. The event happens in another country every year – if the World Championship is carried out before, the robot challenge is held in the same country. The first RoboCup took place in 1997 in Nagoya, Japan and has its 17th anniversary this year.
Overall 4000 engineers and scientists from 45 countries engage themselves in the robotics championship. The event is organized and supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Sports, the Government of the State of Paraíba, the Brazilian Computer Society and dozens of universities. RoboCup 2014 is a non-profit-event.
This year the DAInamite-team is represented in Brazil by Martin Berger, Tuguldur Erdene-Ochir, Yuan Xu and Nadine Rohde.
We wish you luck, lots of fun and keep our fingers crossed for you!