Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems (PRIMA 2015)

The international “Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems” (PRIMA 2015) conference took place in Bertinoro/Italya from the 26th – 30th October, 2015. For the first time the conference was hold in Europe. 90 people from all other the world joined the conference and more than 60 presentations about the Multi-Agent Systems have been held. Consists of agents and their architecture were been discussed. The attendees of the conference exchanged their knowledge in this field and also their recent researches have been presented.

Researchers of the DAI-Labor, Christopher-Eyk Hrabia, Tobias Küster, Marcus Voß, Francisco D. Pozo Pardo and Sahin Albayrak worked together on the Paper „Adaptive Multi-Stage Optimisation for EV Charging Integration into Smart Grid Control“, which has been presented on the conference.

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