Marlene Mortler in the Showroom

On october 1st, 2015 the Federal Drug Commissioner, Marlene Mortler, Peter Lang (BZgA), Andreas Deffner (BMG) and Claudia Klak (AOK Nordost) attented to the showroom of the DAI-Labor.

The current research projects and results in the field of health, especially preventive measures were presented to them. With the health assistant the DAI-Laboratory wants to support the healty eating behaviours. With the assistants the users get informed about the intake calories, as well as the calorie consumption. So they can achieve the set goals.

The shopping assistant proposes healthier products to the users already in the supermarket. They also get information about the products. The conscious and healthy shopping is the first step of healthy living. In everyday life, the nutrition assistant informs the user about his eating habits and suggests him healthy food.

The smart bike should motivate the user to movements. Not just a virtual tour through numerous cities is available with the smart bike, but also a race with other friends. Tourist attractions are also displayed when desired. The goal is to motivate people to move. 

The DAI Laboratory at the Technische Universität Berlin is headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Sahin Albayrak. The goal of the research facility is to bring science into industry, society and companies and to support the daily life with Smart Services and Smart Systems. With more than hundred employes it is one of the largest in Germany.