“Green Day” at the TU Berlin – DAI-Labor joins it!

On “Green Day” pupils of the 8th- 13th grade get the possibility to learn more about environmental studies and profession. The event is taking place every year on November 12th. The TU Berlin participates as a “green university” also on the “Green Day”. After a  comment kick-off event the pupils go to the different laboratories in the field of environmental protection, green technologies and climate protection research.

The Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (DAI-Labor) of the TU Berlin also joins this event and opens his door for a group of pupils. The DAI-Labor is one of the largest research facilities in the field of “Smart Home and Smart Services”. The newest technologies in the smart home gone be shown, especially the energy factor in the Smart Home.
Another topic is electric mobility. The DAI-Labor has six projects in the research program “Berliner Schaufenster Elektromobilität” and will present the pupils their e-car.

Pupils get to know companies, universities and research facilities with green professions. On the one side the pupils have an impression of this business on the other side providers can inspire them and win them as junior staffs.
The “Green Day“ is an event, supported by the Federal Environment Ministry with resources of the National Climate Initiative and carried out from the Zeitbild Stiftung.