DAI laboratory employee Houda El-Messari honoured for outstanding expertise with ZEISS Women Award

We have many experts in our interdisciplinary team and each of them makes a relevant contribution to the innovative strength of our projects. Now, one of our valued colleagues has been awarded the ZEISS Women Award for her outstanding expertise: We congratulate Houda El-Messari and are proud to have her on our team. 

In her focus area Automotive Security, Houda and her team ensure that the autonomous vehicles in our BeIntelli project, for example, navigate safely in road traffic and are also protected against external attacks on the control systems.

“Receiving the ZEISS Women Award allows me to honour my vision of making tomorrow’s vehicles safer and more sustainable. The award is an important milestone in my career as it recognises my work in the field of automotive cybersecurity and allows me to be a role model for immigrant girls myself,” says Houda El-Messari on the occasion of her award.

Our colleague Houda El-Messari has been honoured with the ZEISS Women Award