DAI-Labor and GT-ARC at CeBIT in Istanbul

At the biggest trade fair in the Eurasian area, DAI-Labor and the German-Turkish research center GT-ARC of Technische Universität Berlin, will present their new and innovative research projects from 24th to 27th October.
DAI-Labor as well as GT-ARC will be placed in the “German Pavillion”, booth 4, stand C8-10. The presented projects will be arranged into four subject areas for better orientation of the trade fair visitors. One main focus will be located on “Cybersecurity”, others will be “Education & Government”, “Preventive Health” and “Smart Cities”.
Details to the exhibits
Adaptive Cybersecurity
Adaptive Cybersecurity is a collection of tools and intelligent methods that increase the security of IT systems.
The focus of AuVeGoS is the preventive identification and elimination of potential exploitation opportunities based on vulnerabilities identified in the infrastructure´s configuration to be protected.
In the project ILIas intelligent solutions for protecting critical infrastructures are developed, especially in the public domains of power provisioning and telecommunication services.
Androlyzer scans applications installed on Android devices and offers the user detailed information about privacy leaks, access to confidential information and suspicious method calls caused by the applications.
DAI Cloud Crypt
DAI Cloud Crypt is an application for Android devices that can encrypt and store any file securely. This encryption app works analogous to a strongbox which allows access to confidential files only if the correct password has been entered.
Education & Government
PIA Enterprise
We are constantly exposed to an information overload. PIA Enterprise searches, finds, organizes and updates information relevant for the user.
The electronic circulation folder “e-Umlauf” shall be an introduction to the electronic paperless administration and optimize processes.
Smart School
Smart School is a web portal that assists students, teachers and parents. It shall increase student-to student support and includes parents into the learning process.
Preventive Health
lever LOGging is a mobile application that tracks your activity through the day – both everyday movements and dedicated training sessions.
With the intelligent health assistant for migrants, people with migration background can gain information about diseases, therapies or get tips about nutrition and prevention in their mother tongue. Goal of the project “GeM” is, to offer migrants assistance in health information services.
Smart Cities
Connected Living Technologies
The Connected Living Innovation Component Kit (CLICK) contains components and tools for convenient home control and for the whole eco-system of the smart home domain.
The project Intermodal Mobility Assistance for megacities aims to utilize means of transportation in a more effective and sustainable fashion in order to increase the quality of life in cities and to contribute to global environmental objectives.
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