Connected Travelling – new E-Mobility Project

New E-Mobility Project researches the innovative combinations of offerings and services of electro mobility

Networked and electric – so one could describe the city traffic of the future. By the use of electric buses or cars and pedelecs (e-bikes), advancement through electro mobility is no illusion anymore. The DAI-Labor of the Technische Universität Berlin works with partners from industry and research in the project “Erweiterte und adaptive Elektromobilitätsdienste: Technologie, Entwicklung, Bereitstellung” since June 2013 on a solution of connecting different offers of electro mobility. For example a user should be able to arrange an individual route of e-mobility with different vehicles, by using a smartphone app.

But not only the e-mobility offers, e.g. e-car sharing and Pedelec-rental, shall be connected; further data and information services, like accounting systems, shall be connected as well. The users should be provided with as many service offers as possible, together with data and information services, at any time through a smartphone application. Thus, users get all necessary information via one application; they can make reservations and bookings, especially for charging stations, electric mobiles and pedelecs as well as retrieving their accounts.
Next to DAI-Labor, Orga Systems GmbH, BOSCH Software Innovations GmbH and InnoZ (“Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel GmbH”) as well as BVG (“Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft”) and DB FuhrparkService GmbH, work as partners in the project of the “Internationales Schaufenster Elektromobilität Berlin-Brandenburg”. 
The “Internationales Schaufenster Elektromobilität Berlin-Brandenburg” is coordinated by the “Berliner Agentur für Elektromobilität eMO” and supported by the Bundesregierung and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg for three years within the scope of the “Schaufenster-Initiative”. Altogether, the government allocates 180 Mio. € in subsidies for the “Schaufenster”-program. E-Mobility concept will be tested at the intersection of energy system, vehicle and transport system, through large scale regional demonstrations and pilot projects.

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Claudia Hodurek
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