Assessed cloes – eCo-FEV

The  “eCo-FEV” project closed in May 2015 and was graded as “Excellent” in the final review. It was a three years project funded by the European Union. In the project, research partners and DAI-Labor developed a cooperative architecture for electric vehicles in order to combine information from several infrastructures for fully electric vehicles and users. Within the scope of the project,  a framework to charge the car while driving, was designed and developed. 

For realizing the envisioned transport system of future, production of electric vehicles alone is not enough, there is rather a strong need to be built up an intelligent infrastructure that facilitates the information sharing. In “eCo-FEV” project, different aspects of the infrastructure like;  the charging pole, the public transport, the current traffic situation, the loading time and driving time are connected with each other. The developed framework helps gathering the information, combines the infrastructure and builds an integrated user assistant system. In case of traffic jam and low charge, public transport is considered. The next charging pole will be shown and if needed, it can be reserved. These and similar other functions are developed under the scope of this project. The existing infrastructure is inter-connected. All the available information offers an intelligent concept that enhances the use of electric vehicle.
During the project the consortium partners and DAI-labor also developed a system to charge the car while it´s driving with the induction method. Streets designed with coils can be reserved and used for charging.

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