Competence Center for Digital Prevention Assistance (KOPRA)

Digital care, also in the health care system, is a focal point at the DAI Laboratory and thus, together with the AOK, numerous applications for cell phones and smartphones – so-called apps – were developed within a time frame of five years at the Competence Center for Digital Prevention Assistance (KoPrA). The aim of this collaboration is to provide people with preventive protection and promote their health through mobile care, motivation and information. The motto is to take measures from the outset to stay healthy. The advantage of an app is that it can be accessed anywhere at any time and provides targeted information tailored to individual needs and requirements. The offer is versatile and individually adapted. Over the years, numerous apps have been developed that support people in their healthy eating, create digital shopping lists or motivate them to exercise. The digital support goes so far that even the taking of tablets is reminded, pregnant women are cared for or mobile information exchange with the doctor is possible.

With Kopra a milestone has been set, which brings the years of work in the health sector at the DAI Laboratory directly to the people in our society and promotes health with preventive measures.