Visual and auditory Metaphors as Factors of Motivation in Fitness and Health Coaching


In this paper we describe the development of a sensor-based service for elderly people which aims to maintain and im- prove individual health conditions. Our goals are to support independent living and to actively encourage physical activ- ity in older adults. By conducting iterative user workshops with elderly we gained important knowledge for the devel- opment of the service and system design and evaluated the first concepts. The outcome is an interactive system for the generation 50 + based on auditory and visual metaphors. Its base is a weekly activity plan and a point system. Feedback reflects the behaviour of the user in form of visual and auditory metaphors and presents information in an abstract and emotional way that motivates him to continue with the training. In this paper we present some examples of these kinds of metaphor. We have found that older adults value individual solutions and want to act consciously. However, the technology should only be subtly perceivable while training. Generally the participants enjoyed using the tablet-based application because they feel it improves their self-confidence and minimizes isolation from society.

Martin Zöllig, Jelena Zach, Daniela Hery, Harald Klaus, Gesche Joost, Sahin Albayrak