Multi-Domain Strategy Coordination Approach for Optimal Resource Usage in Agent Based Filtering Framework


In order to obtain acceptable quality of filtering services in real time conditions, a trade-off between result relevance and response time has to be addressed. Ignoring resource availability is a major drawback for many existing systems which try to boost quality by making different synergies between filtering strategies. The essence of the proposed solution for combining filtering strategies is a comprehensive self improving and resource aware coordination, which both takes care about current resource usability and tries to improve itself during a runtime. The applicability of the presented coordination between filtering strategies is illustrated in a system serving as an intelligent personal information assistant (PIA). Experimental results show that long lasting filtering jobs with duration over 1000 seconds are eliminated and that at the same time jobs, which are shorter than 10 seconds, can be effectively used for improving coordination activities.

Sahin Albayrak, Dragan Milosevic
International Journal of Web Intelligence and Agent Systems (WIAS), IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2006